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Oil & Gas Oilfield Jewelry Drillbit Pendants

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Oilfield Elevator Pendants
.6" x .5" x .2" (1.6 x 1.3 x .5cm)

Roughneck jewelry oilfield elevator jewelry pendant sterling silver or gold plated

These elevator necklace oilfield jewelry pendants feature the same amazing details as our oil & gas elevator keychains. The details are amazing. We are proud to bring you the only oilfield elevator pendant on the jewelry market that we know of. Roughneck jewelry available in sterling silver, gold plated and 14 karat gold.

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Modern Derrick Pendants
1" (2.5cm)

Oil derrick pendants gold and silver finish

These oilfield jewelry derrick necklace pendants are the only modern style derrick on the market. Our oilfield jewelry is available in sterling silver, gold plated or 14K gold.

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Oil Pump Jack Pendants
.72 x .75" (1.8 x 1.9cm)

Oilfield oil well pump jack jewelry pendants 14K gold or silver

The most detailed oilfield jewelry pump jack necklace pendant you will ever find. These make unique jewelry gifts for anybody working in the oil industry or who has pumping oil wells on their land.

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PDC Drill Bit Charms
Small .56 x .25 (1.4 x .6cm)
Medium .75" x .32" (1.9 x .8cm)
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Our 5 wing PDC oil & gas drill bit necklace pendants are available in 2 sizes and feature air jets, carbide teeth buttons, tapered API threads and wrench flats. You can also purchase ear wires sets below and create oilfield earring gifts.

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Modern Style Tricone Pendants
Small Bit .72 (1.8)
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Oilfield roughneck jewelry tricone drillbit necklace pendants gold plated and 14K gold finish

Sterling silver versions have an expensive rhodium flash plating process to prevent tarnish!

In addition to our "Old Style" Conventional Hughes Tricone Bit, we now also offer this "Modern Style" tricone drill bit jewelry necklace pendant shown above. The details only found on our modern style oilfield drillbit pendant include a modern style body, air jet holes and grease caps and turning cones.

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Tricone Drill Bit Pendants
With Turning Cones
Medium 1.1" (2.75cm)

Drill bit tricone oil and gas jewelry pendants

Sterling silver versions have an expensive rhodium flash plating process to prevent tarnish!

This oilfield jewelry drillbit charm is modeled after our machined tricone rotary bit but is slightly less detailed. This oilfield jewelry necklace pendant is patterned after the ”Old Style” Hughes Conventional Tricone Bit. These oilfield drillbit necklace charms make great oilfield and gas gifts & awards .The cones turn on this oilfield drillbit pendant.

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Oilfield Hammer Bit Pendants
1.14" (2.9cm)

Oilfield oil and gas pendants hammer bit jewelry

This oilfield jewelry for roughnecks necklace pendant makes a wonderful gift for anybody working in the oil patch where they use down the hole hammer to drill oil and gas wells. Exacting details on these jewelry pieces include: QL60 shank splines, air reliefs and exhaust holes.

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Derrick On Oval Pendants
.95" (2.4cm)

Oilfield oil well derrick pendant jewelry gold and silver

This 3 dimensional jewelry oil and gas derrick necklace charm is a great gift for somebody who desires a more classic style for a oilfield pendant.

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Derrick Lapel Pin - Tie Tac
.68" (1.7cm)

Oilfield oil and gas derrick charms sterling silver and gold plated

This oilfield jewelry derrick lapel pin - tie tac charm are wonderful wardrobe additions for the oil and gas industry executive or oilfield land owner.

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Standard Derrick Charms
Small .70" (1.78cm)
Medium .76" (1.93cm)
Large 1.3" (3.3cm)
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Miniature oil derrick charms and pendants oilfield jewelry 14K

We offer three sizes of oilfield derrick jewelry necklace pendants. The small oil derrick pendants are the perfect size and weight for ear wires in order to make a unique set of oilfield jewelry earrings. You can purchase ear wire sets at the bottom of this page. We will assemble the earrings before we ship your order.

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Necklace - Neck Chain
24" Chain 1mm (1/25" Thick)
20" Chain 1.2mm (1/20" Thick)
18" Chain 1.2mm (1/20" Thick)

silver and gold plated necklace

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Ear Ring Ear Wires
To Create Ear Rings

Ear wires to make ear rings from our pendants

The prices shown are for a pair of ear wires. To create a set of ear rings with any of the pendants listed above you need to do the following:

1) Purchase 2 Pendants from above
2) Purchase 1 Pair of these ear wires
3) You will receive your ear rings assembled

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