Oilfield Merchandise Derrick Drill Rig Models

#176 Drill Rig Scene $499
15" Tall (38cm)
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Oilfield drilling scene model merchandise mounted on custom cherry base

Detailed Photos

This high detail cast pewter oil rig model features dog houses, drill rods, stairways, traveling block and more. We can even make engraving plates for these models with your color logo in order to customize our oilfield merchandise.

33" Lighted Oilfield Rig $2995
Rig 14" x 12" x 33"
(36 x 31 x 84cm)
Base 17" x 14" x 1.6"
Detailed Photos. Our oil field land drilling rig models stand approximately 33" tall and are a work of art. Every single piece of these models is hand soldered then finish plated with 18K yellow gold or chrome. The mirror finished plating is accented with rose gold for beautiful contrast. Details on these oil and gas drilling rig model gifts include draw works, gold plated metal dog house which houses the batteries, rotary table, drill pipe, a blinking red light on top of the derrick, led drilling floor lights and led lights under the drilling floor to accent the B.O.P. stack. Our B.O.P. is so finely detailed you can literally see every single bolt head. A special feature is 54 precisely placed high intensity led lights which line both sides of this miniature oil derrick to produce a firestorm of brilliant reflections. Our oilfield drill rig scale models are mounted on a large heavy glossy rosewood style base which features elegantly cut angles. These statue oilfield models exhibit high quality craftsmanship, rock solid construction and weigh 16 pounds (7.3kg).
27" Modern Oil Rig Model $299
Drilling rig model for oil and gas wells gold plated finish

We hand solder every single piece of metal on this gold plated oil rig model derrick. Then we add the rose gold plating for accents to the crown, traveling block, standing drill rods and crows nest to give it a very detailed appearance. A custom engraving plate can be added to the base for a special touch. Great executive oil and gas merchandise gifts and also roughneck gifts as a trophy.

16" Modern Oil Derricks $189
Rig 14 1/2" (37cm)
Base 6.8" x 5.4" x 1.5"
(17 x 14 x 4cm)
Oil derrick model trophy custom made by hand

These 16" modern style derricks are made from metal with every single piece being soldered together by hand. We use chrome and gold plating for the main structure on these statues. To create an amazing contrast with details we use rose colored gold plating for the accents of the standing drill rods and crows nest. Details on these pieces of merchandise even include a traveling block!

19" Modern Oil Derricks $399
Rig 14.5" (37cm)
Base 7.5" x 7.5" x 4.6"
(19 x 19 x 12cm)
Unique oilfield merchandise personalized and made by hand with personalized engravings

These 19" modern style scale drilling rig models are made from metal with every single piece being soldered together by hand. The elegant tall base provides plenty of room for large or multiple engravings. We use chrome and gold plating for the main structure. To create an amazing contrast with details we use rose colored gold plating for the accents of the standing drill rods and crows nest. Details even include a traveling block!

#514 Flex Drill Rig $199
Rig 2.2" x 2.8" x 6"
(6 x 7 x 15cm)
Base 4.5" x 5.5" x .8"
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Helmerich & Payne H&P flex drilling rig derrick for oilfield and gas wells award model gift trophy

High detail pewter oil and gas flex rig includes substructure, dog houses and a blowout preventer. Unique custom safety award or roughneck merchandise gift. Personalized engravings in full color may also be added.

#112 Oilfield Drilling Site $129
Rig 3.5" x 2" x 4.8"
(9 x 5 x 12.4cm)
Base 4" x 4" x .75"
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Oilfield statue oil well drilling scene model trophy

Our pewter winter oil and gas drilling scene model gifts sit on a cherry style wood base. This drilling scene makes a wonderful safety award or roughneck merchandise gift. Add a custom printed plate with your company logo to make this reduced scale replica totally unique.

Premium Oil Derrick Models
Rig 26" (66cm)
Base 8.5” x 7.5” x 1.5"
(22 x 19 x 4cm)
Trophy of Texas standard oil well derrick gold plated

We now offer a premium series of our standard oilfield derrick models which have the following features: Chrome or gold plated finish, 1 1/2" tall trapezoid base, ladder going up the derrick and rods in the derrick statue. These drilling rig trophies are 100% hand built creating a true work of oilfield art. We solder every single piece of metal together by hand which in turn makes them very sturdy. Sizes available are 26" (66cm) including base.

Derrick 13" (33cm) $219
Derrick 11.25" Tall (29cm)
Base 6" x 5.5" x 1.5"
(15 x 14 x 3.8cm)
Gold oil derrick model for oilfield and gas well drilling trophy.

These chrome and gold plated miniature oil rig models are made from solid stamped brass and is a very popular item with our customers. We offer these as an affordable economy version in place of our hand soldered derricks above. Show your appreciation with these wonderful roughneck gifts.

Office Decor Boxes $109
9.5" x 7" x 2.5"
(24 x 18 x 6.3cm)
Cigar box with oilfield drilling scene logo
Oilfield merchandise cigar box with oil well pump jack on top
Cigar box custom made for oil and gas industry

Choose from either our pewter oilfield pump jack scene or oil & gas land drill rig scene as the cover plate for these beautiful walnut oilfield office decor boxes. The uses for these open top boxes are limitless.

Safety Awards & Trophies. We have a whole page dedicated to safe workplace compliance. Our awards are perfect for OSHA, hazmat and special training recognition including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), hard hats, safety cones and more!

Custom hand made trophies gifts and awards made in USA

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