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Oilfield Drillbit Keychains

Oil & Gas Tricone Keychain Pendant Gifts

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#19 Tricone Drillbit $49
Turning Cones!
Engraving Options
Bit 1.35" (3.43cm)


These oilfield drill bit and mining keychains are 100% hand machined on a lathe and end mill from a solid piece of brass, then finish plated. That's why the details are so perfect and crisp. Our tricone drillbit keychains gifts are all about fine details featuring turning cones, grease caps, jets, machined teeth and tapered API threads. These tricone drillbit keychains are made of machined brass, then nickel and gold plated. This large version even has 3 different tooth patterns on each cones just like a real tricone!

#124 Machined PDC Bit
On Sale $69
Engraving Options
Bit 1.5" (3.9cm)


Our PDC oilfield drill bit keychain gifts are hand machined on a lathe and end mill from solid brass and then nickel & gold plated. This PDC drillbit features amazing details like wrench flats, API tapered threads, teeth inserts and exhaust holes.

#233 Drillbit Keychains $7.99
Engraving Options
Bit 1.3" (3.4cm)


These pewter drill bit keychains are seen on rigs and in mines all over the world. Rig hands love to collect them. Features are tapered API threads, grease caps and gun metal finish! Cones do not turn on these replica mining tricone drillbits.

#49 Chrome Tricone Bit $14
Engraving Options
Bit 1.3" (3.4cm)


Wonderful handout for your crews or clients. Chrome Plated tricone with a mirror finish and details like grease caps, jets and tapered api threads. Cones will not move on this keychain.

#50 Gold Drillbit Keyring $19
Engraving Options
Bit 1.3" (3.4cm)


We have now taken our cast pewter tricone drill bit keychains and gold plated them to a perfect finish that really stands out. Same great exacting details like grease caps, jets, and tapered threads make this a great gift.

#267 Tricone Keychains $8
Engraving Options
Bit 1.5" (3.9cm)


Our replica carbide button oilfield & gas drillbit gifts are cast from pewter. Details include tapered API threads and grease caps! Drillbit cones don't turn.

#125 PDC 5 Wing Drill Bit $19
Engraving Options
Bit 1.45" (3.7cm)


5 wing PDC oilfield & gas drill bit keychain gifts are taken from our desktop drillbit series and have wrench flats, API tapered threads, teeth inserts, and exhaust holes.

#45 PDC 4 Wing Bit $12.49
Engraving Options
Bit 1.5" (3.8cm)


If you are looking for a unique promotional gift without spending a lot of money, this is it. Our nickel plated pewter oilfield promotional 4 wing PDC drill bit keychain gifts make wonderful awards for the oilfield worker.

#213 PDC Hybrid Drill Bit $19
Engraving Options
Bit 1.9" (4.8cm)


Nickel plated and cast from fine pewter these replica keychains of a PDC hybrid oilfield drill bit are great drilling crew and promotional hand outs.

#68 Retrac Bit Keychain $73
Engraving Options
Bit 1" (2.5cm)


Our retrac drillbit gifts are nickel & gold plated, machined on a lathe and end mill from solid brass with buttons set in pre-drilled holes, machined splines, exhaust holes and head reliefs. These miniature drillbit keychains make great gifts for the rock quarry, coal mining, blasting or excavation industries. These miniatures are a true work of art.

#27 Hammer Bit Keychain $73
Engraving Options
Bit 1.4" (3.5cm)


This down the hole miniature hammer bit mining keychain gift is made of machined brass, then nickel and gold plated and also has buttons set in pre-drilled holes, machined splines, exhaust holes and machined head reliefs.

#43 DTH Drillbit Keychain $15
Engraving Options
Bit 1.2" (2.9cm)


Features include exhaust holes, reliefs, and QL60 drillbit shank splines. Our high detail cast pewter hammer drill bit keychain is also a popular mining and explosives quarry blasting gift in addition to promotional oilfield awards.

#44 Hammer Bit Gold $19
Engraving Options
Bit 1.2" (2.9cm)


Features include exhaust holes, reliefs, and QL60 drillbit shank splines. Our gold plated hammer drill bit keychain is also a popular coal mining and explosives quarry blasting gift.

#161 PDC Mud Motor $21
Engraving Options
Bit 4" (10cm)


This nickel plated oilfield drilling mud motor keychain features a 5 wing pdc drill bit, wrench flats, stabilizer wings, number & hard facing bands and kick out pad. If you work with drilling mud motors you will be amazed how these look.

#253 Manual Tongs $12.89
Engraving Options
Tongs 2.5" (6.3cm)


Our nickel plated mirror finish manual oilfield tongs make a perfect gift for any roughneck. Looks just like the real thing!

#115 Chrome Elevator $12.89
Engraving Options
Elevator 1.3" (3cm)


Our high detail pewter chrome plated mirror finish replicas of a 250 ton oilfield elevator makes a wonderful oilfield & gas gift. We put a huge effort into making certain the elevator keychain details were perfect!

#116 Gold Elevator $19
Engraving Options
Elevator 1.3" (3cm)


The details on our oil and gas elevators are amazing. We made certain every detail was 100% perfect. These gold plated pewter oilfield elevators make great handout gifts on the drill rig in return for their employees commitment to safety.

#324 Roller Reamer $19
Engraving Options
Elevator 2.5" (6.3cm)


This high detail oil and gas well roller reamer is cast from pewter and makes a wonderful gift for any drilling crew!

#235 Power Tongs $19
Engraving Options
Tongs 1.6" (4cm)


These keychains are cast from fine pewter and will make a lasting impression with your crew members or your customers. You can also add custom logo tags to these realistic replicas of oilfield power tongs or any of our other keychains.

#209 Traveling Block $19
Engraving Options
Block 2.1" (5.3cm)


Nickel plated shiny finish cast oilfield traveling block keychains would make a wonderful gift for anybody in the drilling industry.

#311 Rod Wrench Keyring $19
Engraving Options
Wrench 2.2" (5.6cm)


High detailed rod wrench keychain cast from fine pewter. Great gifts for the work over rig crew!

#200 Frac Stack Keychain $19
Engraving Options
Wellhead 2" (5cm)


We know it very difficult to find an inexpensive gift for the frac industry. Look at the amazing details on this frac stack wellhead keychain. A wonderful keepsake for anybody in the frac well service industries. Cast from fine pewter.

#118 Blowout Preventer $19
Engraving Options
BOP 1.6" (4cm)


This high detail oilfield blowout preventer is modeled after our high detail desk top blowout preventer models and is cast from pewter.

#325 Frac Plug Keychain $19
Engraving Options
Frac Plug 2.4" (6cm)


This frac plug keychain is a wonderful award or giveaway for anybody in the frac industry.

#469 Crude Oil Hauler $19
Engraving Options
Truck 3" (7.6cm)


These high detail crude oil hauler keychains make great oilfield gifts for the oil transportation industry. Details include manholes, ladders and hazmat signs.

#470 Petro Hauler Keyring $19
Engraving Options
Truck 3" (7.6cm)


Our petro hauler keychains make great gifts for any trucker in the petro transportation industry. Made from pewter with high details including petroleum manhole assemblies, bottom loading components and more.

#223 Coil Tubing Rig $19
Engraving Options
Rig 3.2" (8cm)


Need an unique giveaway for trade shows in the coil tubing Industry? These replicas are guaranteed to please everybody!

#119 Oil Workover Rig $19
Engraving Options
Rig 1.7" (4.5cm)


Do you have a crew that is always fast at pulling tubing? This oil & gas field workover service rig model is cast from fine pewter and is great for showing your work over crews that you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

#208 Frac Rig Keychain $19
Engraving Options
Frac Rig 2.2" (5.7cm)


Need an inexpensive promotional gift item for the oil and gas frac industry? These mini frac rigs will make any crew or customer happy in the oilfield.

#221 Frac Tank Keychain $19
Engraving Options
Truck 2.4" (6cm)


This item is formed after our frac tank hauler desktop series model, so the quality is outstanding.

#220 Cementing Rig $19
Engraving Options
Truck 2.2" (5.7cm)


This cementing rig collectible item makes a great oilfield safety award or trade show marketing item.

#222 Vacuum Truck $19
Engraving Options
Truck 2.2" (5.7cm)


Company full color logo tags can also be added to any model we offer. The craftsmanship and details are outstanding on this oilfield service vacuum truck.

#225 Mud Pump Keychain $19
Engraving Options
Mud Pump 1.3" (3.2cm)


We know how hard it is to find something to give the mechanics and mud pump guys. Show your appreciation with these mini mud pump keychains.

#162 Frac Pump Keychain $19
Engraving Options
Frac Pump 1" (2.5cm)

Oilfield Frac Pump Keychain-162.jpg

Our pewter high detail oil and gas frac pump keyring makes a outstanding gift for the frac service worker mechanic, or clients. Add a full color logo tag for that special touch.

#212 Derrick Drilling Rig $17
Engraving Options
Rig 1.8" (4.7cm)


Modern style oilfield drill rig derrick keyrings make wonderful hand out items for the whole crew or any roughneck.

#34 Gold14K $560

#33 Sterling Silver $41


Add a solid sterling silver or 14K gold keychain to any of our drill bit drilling oilfield jewelry gifts.

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